If you use our system in the right way, you can make this money back very quickly and many times that per month. Just see what the other directories are charging their customers to give yourself an idea of the profits that can be made in this business. 

There are many Escorts in every major city in the world and they all need a platform in which to advertise their services. Will Escorts/Agencies/Strip clubs, Massage Parlours, Adult services advertise on our directory? Would users be happy to book an escort though our directory? If your answer is yes, then this is a very good start.

Hosting and Tech details
  • MySQL 5.0 or higher
  • The mod_rewrite Apache module
  • PHP 5.3 or higher
  • Recent version of IonCube

Pay in full with a 5% discount and we will install the directory on your server.
Pay in 3 payments over a 6 week period. Once final payment has been made, we will then install the directory on your server.

If you require custom work on the directory, then please discuss with us first so we understand the job involved and provide a plan of work.

Payment is via bank transfer or paypal(Payment has to clear first). We will send an invoice which will have all our business details on and payment details.

At the moment, no. Although we are in the process of creating a dedicated SEO department. We are looking to start this fully in August 2015.

As payments are processed in various ways around the world for the adult business We can install any type of payment gateway that suits you best. CCBill is the most popular but they don’t work in all currencies so please check the best solution for your country. 

Paypal is not a safe way to accept payments on this type of website business as they won’t allow it.

Yes, we have a strong team of developers who can handle any job. Once we have a clear idea on your project, we would put together a functional document for you to go over and confirm it’s how you imagined. Then if you want to go ahead with the project, we would assign you a project manager who will guide you through each project in our project management system. For bigger jobs, we would work in phases to make sure you’re getting the job done exactly how you want it.

Yes, all our templates are responsive but if you prefer, we also offer a full dedicated mobile version. View Example : http://www.adultwebmaker.com/escort_directory_mobile/
Please visit this URL in mobile devices only

Yes, we can implement a new design. We would have to check if it’s suitable structurally first of course. Or we can design one to your specifications. This would be an extra costs and the price would depend on the details. So please contact us with details and we’ll give you an estimate.

Yes, the script is encrypted for security reasons. Firstly to protect your directory while you’re using it and secondly to stop people stealing it and reselling it as their own.

We don’t have any limitations. You can grow as and when you’re ready with our easy to use CMS/admin. So if you want to work on a new niche or a new location, simple just add these to the admin area.

If it’s a directory order for example. We would send you a full invoice with our company details with our bank account details. This is payment in full via bank transfer. Once this is received, we will then process the install on your server.
If you have ordered a custom project development, then we usually work in stages and no stage will be started or payment requested until you’re totally happy with the previous stage.
We don’t accept paypal for payments over €200

Normally we will install the script within 48 hours of receiving payment. This can change if any customisations have been requested but we will inform you of timescales beforehand.

The advanced directory is €1299 for installation of our script. We don’t charge for anything else for you to run your directory business. If you want any extra programming work, then we would have to charge for this work but the directory as it is, we don’t have any hidden charges.

Yes, we have a CSS editor in the admin area where you can amend the style and colours of the template. If you need the directory work in a specific way, please let us know how you’d like it to work and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Yes, our scripts can be installed on your server as long as there are recent versions of PHP, mySQL and ioncube pre installed. For the install we will need control panel access for the server and ftp access.