Adult WebMaker is a company that is dedicated to delivering the utmost convenience to clients at all times and for that reason, our payment terms are clear cut, flexible and efficient.

With many of our services offered on an on-going basis and many projects taking plenty of time to complete, immediate billing is not something we believe in.

Whilst plenty of companies will look to get as much money up front as they can, we don’t do this because we like the client to have peace of mind and know that we’re continually working hard to deliver excellent results.

For that reason, we offer a pay in stages system that ensures stellar communication and a service that you’re always happy with.

Typically, your project will be broken down into Stage 1, Stage 2 & Stage 3 and at the end of each part, you’ll be able to review what we’ve been doing.

Each stage has a milestone, a time frame and a payment attached to it and when you’re happy that the milestone has been met, you pay for us to move into the next stage.

Better still, Stage 3 isn’t due until after the projects been fully completed so if at any time you’d like us to make revisions, we can do it before the final invoice is sent.

Our Payment Plan is there to give you ultimate confidence in what we do as well as make life that little easier.

Operating in an online capacity allows us to be flexible with how we receive payment too.

For all online payments we use PayPal as it remains the fastest and most convenient way to pay on the world wide web.

We can also accept online bank transfers (BACS), Credit/Debit Cards and potentially, any other form of payment you’d like to use.