1. Authorization.

The client is engaging AdultWebMaker.com as an independent contractor for the specific project of developing an Internet escort – dating – webcam – or adult web site, graphics or modifying an existing web site. The created web site is to be hosted by the client or choose to use AdultWebMaker.com hosting. The client also authorizes AdultWebMaker.com to publicize their completed web site as example of talent per the AdultWebMaker.com portfolio.

2. Changes and Additions/ contact agreement.

The client is responsible for providing accurate and reliable contact information. The client agrees that any email address or ICQ number given for business purposes will be active and understands that the client is responsible for replying to all correspondence sent to that address by AdultWebMaker.com. Failure to respond in a timely manner may result in a delayed completion date without fault to AdultWebMaker.com.

 Any change request by the client after agreed completion and delivery may be subject to additional charges. Additional work requested will be considered as a separate work order. AdultWebMaker.com is under no obligation to make any additions after a project has been completed and delivered. Any further revisions in your web site may result in additional charges.

3. Completion Date.

AdultWebMaker.com and the client must work together to complete the web site in a timely manner. AdultWebMaker.com agrees to complete the web sites in the time agreed on by both parties if ALL information, materials and deposit are received by AdultWebMaker.com when the agreement is made.

If the client does not supply AdultWebMaker.com with ALL information and materials at the time of the agreement, the completion date may be delayed at no fault of AdultWebMaker.com.

4. Payment of Fees.

All design work completed or in progress remains the legal property of AdultWebMaker.com until full payment is received. Once full payment is made, the client shall retain legal ownership of all contracted work. 

Fees to AdultWebMaker.com are due in the amount of 50% before the commencement of any contracted work. Absolutely no work will commence prior to receiving this deposit. In larger projects, terms could be split into 3 or 4 milestones rather than 50% – 50%

The remaining balance of fees is due upon completion of contracted work. Web site files will not be delivered until the final balance is paid. Any design that is not paid in full by client within 30 days of completion, with no contact or explanation for delinquency, becomes full property of AdultWebMaker.com. At this time, AdultWebMaker.com will give notice of intent to resell the design. If this notice is not disputed within 48 hours, the client forfeits any rights to the design and it will be made available for resale.

5. Delay of Payment

Payment must be received for work completed within 45 days of completion. Failure to pay for services rendered within this time will result in a forfeit of your deposit and AdultWebMaker.com will make the design available for resell.
For your convenience, we accept bank transfer, PayPal in some cases, Money order or Western Union. If paying by a Paypal e-check, no work will commence before the funds are released.
If any payments remain delinquent for more than 6 months, the account will be turned over to a collection agency.

6. Impossibility of Performance.

Client acknowledges and agrees that AdultWebMaker.com cannot guarantee the absence of service interruptions caused by Acts of God or other circumstances beyond their control including, but not limited to, local telecommunications problems, line failures, or temporary down time for maintenance or upgrades. The client also accepts that because web pages rely on delivery through a world-wide web of co-operating systems – from time to time, any web site may temporarily experience interruptions beyond the control of AdultWebMaker.com.

7. Copyrights and Trademarks.

The client unconditionally guarantees that any elements of text, graphics, photos, designs, trademarks, or other artwork furnished to AdultWebMaker.com for inclusion in the web site are owned, or that the proper permissions were received by the client from the rightful owner to use these elements in the web site. The client further guarantees that AdultWebMaker.com will be held harmless, be protected from, and be defended from any claim or suit arising from the use of such elements furnished by the client.

8. Copyright to Web Pages and Artwork.

Upon full final payment of this contract, AdultWebMaker.com agrees that its work product produced in the performance of this contract shall remain the exclusive property of client, and that it will not sell or transfer to third parties without client’s prior written consent. Rights to photos, graphics, source code, work-up files, and computer programs are specifically not transferred to the client and remain the property of their respective owners. Clients are entitled to personal use of purchased AdultWebMaker.com artwork e.g. incorporating it into letterheads, business cards, print advertising (credit to AdultWebMaker.com where applicable), however we do retain the copyright on each graphic. We also reserve the right to display your graphics as examples of our work on our design site. Distribution of graphics to other parties is prohibited, including usage on other web sites, inclusion in any collection, or sale of artwork. We require that a link back to our design site be placed on each site created by us or on pages where our graphics are featured.

9. Removal of web pages.

AdultWebMaker.com reserves the right to remove the design from public posting for failure to adhere to the terms of this contract, including violation of any licensing agreements or failure to pay fees duly assessed.

10. Refusal of Service.

AdultWebMaker.com reserves the right to refuse service for any web site or material that that it feels is not legal, moral, or in the best interests of AdultWebMaker.com. AdultWebMaker.com is not responsible for the content of any web site. AdultWebMaker.com may cancel this contract for failure of the client to abide by its terms.

11. Cancellations and Refunds.

Once design work has commenced, the initial deposit of 50% is non-refundable. Notice of cancellation must be received in writing, and AdultWebMaker.com will invoice the client for any work completed for which compensation is not included within the aforementioned 50% deposit. The client agrees to accept responsibility for all work completed prior to written notice of cancellation being received by AdultWebMaker.com.

12. Design Credit.

A small logo image and/or text link to AdultWebMaker.com will appear at the bottom of each page on the site. The client agrees to display this image and/or link for as long as the web site, designed by AdultWebMaker.com, is publicly displayed on the internet, regardless of where the site is hosted or maintained.
This agreement may be changed without notice. The user agrees to be bound by the current version of this document.


AdultWebMaker.com does not necessarily endorse the views expressed on created Web sites. We do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information presented on these sites. Furthermore, visitors should be aware when they leave our site and to read the privacy statements of any other site that collects personally identifiable information.